Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Really, Peter? Really?

Seriously, Peter? You can't believe that the Daily Bugle is calling you public enemy number one? The newspaper which, at the best of times, simply doesn't mention you at all and at most other times asks whether you're a threat or a menace? You can't believe they're calling you public enemy number one?

Sigh. A few more days like this and all the progress this strip has made in actually being good will be for naught.

TIL: Spider-Thug's gestures. In fact, I can't think of one time he hasn't had a comical facial expression or gesture.


jvwalt said...

Once again, a storyline weaves tightly around a half-dozen characters, ignoring the fact that there's a city of millions out there. It's all about Peter, MJ,JJ, Maria, and the villain of the moment.

A sad lack of imagination, especially from a man who blew off the doors on superhero comics back in the day.

J Doe said...

I agree, bring in a few more villains, mix it up a bit.