Monday, September 29, 2008


Today's strip is either a condensed version of yesterday's strip, or perhaps Big-Time and his henchman are just repeating themselves. You would also think Big-Time would think, "Hm, this Spider-Man costume is missing something." Oh well.

On the plus side, Big-Time seems much happier today than he was yesterday. I suppose that's good.

TIL: Spider-Thug's pose in panel one. It looks like he's dancing.


john said...

maybe they're not repeating themselves... it could be a TIME loop.

Anonymous said...

You know what I wonder? For a man so obsessed with keeping time and all that, his clocks are really off...every panel he's been in for the past week, he's been resetting one of the clocks. Maybe it's Daylight Savings.

Eric Goebelbecker said...

Everytime Big-Time adjusts a clock, time repeats in the Spider-verse.

Explains the whole strip, really.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's that none of the clocks work, and Big-Time has terrible OCD, so that every minute of his life is spent rushing around keeping the clocks on time by his own hands. Poor man.