Friday, September 05, 2008

Nice Looking

Don't be too hard on yourself, Spider-Man, your costume is a marvel of super-hero costume design. It's nice to look at, too. Gosh, it's hard to comment on these when nothing is going on. I can see why Mike P had me come in to do it.

Thing I liked? I like the first panel best!


Unknown said...

"It's nice to look at, too."

Not in that bizarro split-mask version, it isn't.

Do you think there's a half Spider-suit sitting in Peter's closet somewhere?

jvwalt said...

Is it just me, or is MJ lookin' a little chunky the last couple of days? Was she scarfing down the Ben and Jerry's while Petey was sick and her career was on the skids?

Or is she... horrors!... carrying a little Spidey-Fetus?

Tommy said...

If she isn't, she will be soon, since Pete is sweet-talking her so much, only an emergency (common occurrence) will stop him from getting some. :P

And yay for the old split-mask thing!

Anonymous said...

"My fans are so disadvantaged because they can't see how pretty I am!"

Yeesh. And I thought I hated the emo-Tobey Maguire Peter Parker from Spider-man 3.

R. W. Watkins said...

Panel 1: The role of Mary-Jane Parker is now being played by Susan Dey in her Partridge Family days...?