Monday, September 15, 2008

Wisecracks Make Most Everything Better

As is usually the case with Monday strips, this one basically recaps things that happened yesterday. Except I like this version much better, since Spider-Man makes a wisecrack while he's making things much more difficult for himself. In fact, he's far more flippant and talkative in this version, which I think is much preferable to him whining yesterday.

If those cops are in the strip much more, then I'll have to give them meta-tags.

TIL: Flippant Spider-Man


Anonymous said...

I like it how he's, for the past few days, been so worried about how they'll unmask him if they arrest him.
A) He talks about being Spider-man in public so awesome, I'm sure everyone actually knows who he is, but are just playing along.
B) After putting so many criminals in jail and having so many enemies in prison, I think he might be a bit more concerned about going to prison.

Bryce Baker said...

You could add a tag for "generic white cop" since they're all pasty as hell

Bill the Splut said...

Okay, I was 3 days off on guessing when Spidey would swing away to apparently prove his guilt. But who thought that he'd also "assault" the cops with his web? That just makes him look worse!

Anyone want to start a pool on how many days Peter spends whining to MJ about how Lopez and Jameson declare him to be a criminal, while he watches them on television?

I predict until the second Sunday after he first swings back in through the Parker's apartment window.