Saturday, September 13, 2008

Land Captain's Poll of the Week: Mike P's Avatar

Ahoy there, Spider-Buddies! The trial went pretty well, I suppose, but that's not why I'm here! Our pal Mike P has asked me to start a new thing here at the Amazing Spider-Blog since I guess you people think I'm pretty keen! Thanks a lot! Anyway, what I was asked to do is start a weekly poll. I'll pop in every Saturday, or thereabouts, and give you something neat to vote on. What's our first order of business? Well, we already decided what we wanted to name our Blogger, settling on Mike P. Now, what do we want him to look like?

First and foremost, he could slap a picture of himself up on his profile, which I think wouldn't be a bad idea. Only thing is, he'd have to take a good one instead of the ones he takes with his phone. Or, he could use this character:That little guy is Mikep, and he's been Mike P's sort-of avatar since half of forever in "cyber-comics" and whatnot.

He could also use this robot thing, which I think he should sort of shy away from. Especially since Mike P made him blow up in a completely different comic...
Well, folks, there's your choices! I'd either make Mike P use a picture of himself or the green fellow, but that's just me. I'll be back in a week to give you a new thing to vote on.

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