Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Somewhat Accurate Spider-Man

The last panel of today's strip accurately sums up the usual mindset of Peter Parker in most mediums he's appeared in. All in all, since this storyline debuted two weeks ago, the whole thing has been more like an actual Spider-Man story than any that have been covered on this blog. I'm sure he'll get knocked out with a brick pretty soon, or go sit at home and whine or something, but for now I'll enjoy it.

TIL: I like Spider-Man's pose in the second panel. Larry Lieber, if he's actually the one drawing the strip, usually doesn't do things mid-pose like that.


J Doe said...

I'm actually curious to find out who's perpetrating these crimes. Usually I don't really care, it's just funny to see how long Peter can sit around without doing anything, literally.

Bryce Baker said...

Maybe Spier-man will actually try to get back on top of the world and we can follow his trial and tribulations as he attempts to climb Everest