Sunday, September 07, 2008

Panel of the Week 08/31/2008

When I agreed to do this, I didn't realize I would have to do panel of the week as well! Mike P has not left me with an easy task, but I've narrowed it down to two panels which I think are nifty:

#2 - 09/06/2008This panel introduces our current ne'er-do-well, the Spider-Impersonator! He flipped over a car, people! He's bad news!

#1 - 08/31/2008
This panel has Spider-Man swinging around, being happy. We don't see that nearly enough, in the strip or the actual comics. So it's going to be our panel of the week.

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J Doe said...

I believe swinging around and having fun are the only reasons I've ever seen a Spider-Man video game being played. Who cares about progressing in the story whe you could jump off the Empire State again?