Saturday, September 06, 2008


Ahoy there, Spider-Buddies! I bet Mike P is kicking himself, because something actually happened in the strip today! As you can see, someone is using Spider-Man's identity to commit crimes! Is it Chameleon? Mysterio? Kraven the Hunter? One of the multitude of villains and uncommon thugs who have been able to impersonate Spider-Man? Do you think we'll find out soon, or will ol' Stan Lee drag out the mystery? I'm all a-tingle!

Thing I liked? The juxtaposition of Peter's comments this week and the revelation that this storyline was going to be about someone impersonating Spider-Man!


Mike Podgor said...

They just did this a few years ago. It ended up just being some random hen-pecked guy who didn't commit any actual crimes, he just pretended he was Spider-Man.

They wrapped it up with Spider-Man saying he had the flu, and the other guy was filling for a little while. If I recall correctly, the guy ended up getting a movie deal out of it.

It's really bizarre how many people can competently impersonate Spider-Man, really...

J Doe said...

Not that competently, his hand's upside down.