Saturday, September 20, 2008

Introducing Big-Time

And so we have the awe-inspiring solution to the mystery of WHO IS THE SPIDER-IMPOSTER?

It's some random guy with a mustache and bad hair. This follows the pattern of having a super-villain in the strip, followed by some random crime boss.

However, we are also introduced to a guy- nay, a MAN- named Big-Time. In two panels, we already know this:
1) He expects punctuality from his lackeys
2) He uses the word lackeys
3) He actually looks like a pretty smooth sort of guy
4) He operates from a place filled with clocks.

If that chain around his neck is a watch, then it's safe to say that this fellow is pretty much a more management-oriented version of DC's Clock King. The original one. This one. (That second link is not Land Captain approved.) I might actually like Big-Time.

TIL: Perhaps Big-Time. Only TIME will tell. (Pun was not intended, then spotted, and time was put in all-caps to emphasize the unintended pun.)


Anonymous said...

Big-Time looks like Clark Kent

jvwalt said...

I was thinkin' Keith Olbermann.

And lackey-boy? The late, great Sonny Bono.

Charles Jurries said...

So the classic snarky Spider-Man was the fake? That's terrible!

So what does Big-Time do to his lackies? I hope lackey get's his clock cleaned! I hope time heals all his wounds! I hope he has some minutes left on his phone to call for backup! I hope we'll be able to watch this unfold!

And I hope that the strong man who likes to punish the noticably weaker-yet-muscular-man does things that are much more innocent than my mind leaps to after seeing that moustache.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least it's not clones...

Mike Podgor said...

No, I think classic snarky Spider-Man was the real one and they just clumsily segued into this nobody entering Big-Time's hideout.