Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Al's TV

There's that dastardly Spider-Imposter pushing over that car again. That burns my biscuits more every time I see it, that does.

Thing I liked? I guess that Al's TV has a pretty good window display!


Anonymous said...

I am back!!Havent commented in so long!! Mmmm.The car is a diffrnt color!My guess is the Chameloien is behind this!!

Calder Holbrook said...

Does anyone actually get their news from an electronics store's storefront tv display anymore?

J Doe said...

I want Al's TV, it's bigger than mine.

Tommy said...

It's obviously Kang the Conquerer at work again with his Spider-Man robot (see Avengers #11 and Spider-Man Team-Up #4).

Mike Podgor said...

I really hope you're right about Kang.

Tommy said...

That would be so nutty awesome if it was, which is why it won't.

I am curious about who it is though, for the sole fact that this fake-Spider-Man doesn't have one of those weak disguises that only Joe Foolish wouldn't notice.

You know...like instead of shooting webbing from the palm, they have a web gun, and that sort of jibba jabba that makes you want to slap a fewl.

(Crooked Ninja Turtle Gang) XD