Monday, September 22, 2008

Silly MJ

Why, by hunting him down and beating the living daylights out of him, of course. Silly Mary Jane.

TIL: Peter seems cheerful.

On a meta note, we have a lot of ads now. This is so that I can maybe make a tiny bit of money. Sorry.


Anonymous said...

Oh no. They're back watching TV in the apartment again. Is the strip going to stop being good now?

Andrea said...

For someone who is getting framed for a bunch of crimes, Pete really does look way to happy while he walks through the door... maybe that smiley face is compensating for all the angst from last week?

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

Good luck with the ads. I had a bunch up on Heathcliff for awhile, but they never paid off like I wanted them to.

More Big-Time is required.

Unknown said...

Peter's smile made me laugh. Wow, he does really look happy and excited by the news. Maybe he's happy the writing and art isn't as terrible as normal!

This is the moment of truth... does he sit down and watch TV for two weeks, or do something interesting? The television is SO TEMPTING, but you can fight it, Peter!

Anonymous said...

Peter's face... ha... it almost seems like he is saying "ooh! TV! I haven't seen one in weeks!" Hopefully we don't have to sit through 2 weeks of Peter and MJ watching TV and wondering what to do about the impostor.