Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Heroics? Heroics!

...well, this was a bit unexpected. Spider-Man actually doing something heroic instead of just moping. It'll probably end with the old lady screaming at Spider-Man, but he's actually trying right now. I think something is up with Stan Lee, as this strip's been pretty competent over the past week or so.

TIL: How burly the purse-snatcher is.


Anonymous said...

She'd definitelay scream at Spidey (and maybe start hitting him with her purse)

The comic strips are too full of Peter Whiner Parker and much less Spider-Man than Stan Lee's classic standard

Anonymous said...

I like how Spidey clearly resents doing his damn job. "Oh, dammit, there's crime going on. And right in the middle of my lengthy exposition to no one in particular."

Also, not sure if I like the way he's presenting his crotch in Panel 1.

Unknown said...

"NOOOOOOO I have to help someone instead of pouting at HOOOOME!" Sigh. I do admit that the comic seems to have picked up over the last week or so.