Tuesday, September 02, 2008


In the hour between this post and the last one, I got to thinking that maybe this takes place a while after the wrap-up for the last storyline. Then this pops up, and that belief was dashed. So some old guy with no super-powers has a better immune system than a super-hero. Not only that, but the old guy also went to work while the super-hero moped around in bed for a week. That is fantastic. Simply whiz-bang crackerjack.

Also, why exactly is Peter going to the Daily Bugle, more specifically, to Jonah's office? I can see him stopping in to chat with Robbie Robertson or some other employee, but to go directly to Jonah's office when he knows full well that Jameson is a grumpy old man who will open any conversation with Peter with the words "Spider-Man" and "photos"? Not to mention the fact that Peter says he just gave them to Jonah, and that he says he'll come back when Jameson is in a better mood. This is a polite way of saying he's never coming back.

Let's hope things perk up, folks.

TIL: The art is actually really good today.


J Doe said...

Why is Peter so angry? He's the one who barged into an angry man's office for no reason.

Unknown said...

I did notice the huge improvement in the art today. Yay! Also, why was Parker there if it wasn't to do his job, i. e. give Jameson photos? Did he just want to hang out? With Jameson? Why? Maybe he wanted to form a "flu support group". After months of suffering from the debilitating illness that kept him unable to move he wanted to heal and share his experiences with a fellow sufferer, only to find out that Jameson isn't a complete pussy and recovered in two panels, as opposed to Peter's... oh, 100 or so panels of having the flu.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Petey has the proportional flu-fighting abilities of a spider as well? Since the flu isn't transmissible to spiders, they probably have nonexistent defenses against it. Perhaps human flu in spiders is kind of like bird flu in humans - normally we can't get it, but if we do, look out!

Tommy said...

Maybe the Chameleon is posing as Jonah again and Pete simply---ah, heck if I know. :P

Bryce Baker said...

Cigars are like penicillin for the flu