Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Creepy Peter

Why does Peter Parker look so weird when he's smiling? This is the second time he's done so in two weeks, and it still freaks me out.

TIL: The first panel is a bit of all right.


Anonymous said...

1. Did we ever get any kind of explanation for MJ's career having magically resuscitated? Was there a Page Six article about how she kept her husband in bed for seven weeks with "the flu," and the publicity won her roles or something?

2. Who the hell wears a baby-blue T-shirt to an off-Broadway (?) play?

3. Peter "smiles" like there are two lengths of monofilament drawing back the corners of his mouth. It's upsetting.

Anonymous said...

Peter has unusually short arms in the third panel.

J Doe said...

Any amount of time could be counted as "seconds later", but in this case, I wouldn't say that was less than a minute, unless they both ran.

Bryce Baker said...

Last time I checked the only people who ever give flowers to people in plays are their family or love interests and we know Peter is about as romantic as diarrhea. That old coot Crandis must be back!

jvwalt said...

That "theater" looks like something you'd find at one end of a small-town school gymnasium. Maybe this is the answer to the riddle of how MJ rescusitated her career: her terrible play got rebooked into an Off-Off-Off-Off-Off-Broadway Theater/Community Center/Soup Kitchen.