Sunday, September 21, 2008

Panel of the Week 09/14/2008

With a surprising rise in quality comes a surprising surplus of panels of the week. Five, to be exact.

#5 - 09/20/2008As you can see, our first panel features the debut of what is perhaps the sensational character find of 2008: Big-Time. Unlike other men in suits we've had, who are usually pretty generic, Big-Time has a gimmick. This rises him out of generic man-in-suit territory and puts him into generic super-villain territory. Which is a big step, let me tell you.

#4 - 09/17/2008I chose this one because I like the facial expressions in it. Look at the sneer on that burly thug. Oh, and the old lady looks like she's trying to cast a spell. That would have been terrific if she had cast a spell.

#3 - 09/15/2008
I like the pasty white officer's exclamation of "WHA!" and Spider-Man's wisecrack. Little did I know how much wisecracking we'd get as the week went on.

#2 - 09/16/2008There are several things that sort of define Spider-Man as a character, and two of them are angst and web-slinging. However, they're such depressing things to define someone by. Well, the angst bit is. Not the web-slinging. So, as you can see, this would pretty much sum up the character (as we had seen him in the strip for the past two years or so) to a "T". Except then we got the Panel of the Week...

#1 - 09/18/2008Somewhat interesting art? Spider-Man delivering some justice while hanging from a web and wisecracking? The justice being done on a friendly, neighborhood level? Why, this is a much better way to show Spider-Man!

There you have it, folks. With the introduction of Big-Time, we can only guess that he's going to be involved in next week's Panel of the Week.


J Doe said...

Out of context, it looks like Spidey's stealing a purse from a burly man.

Mike Podgor said...

Which really just adds to its magnificence.

Anonymous said...

I like how Big-Time appears to be wearing a spidey-themed shirt under his jacket. Of course it's a coloring monkey error, but hopefully it'll stick around in the coming weeks and months.