Sunday, September 21, 2008

Big-Time: Wearing a Clock

First off, some meta-stuff: new poll of the week and Panel of the Week up later today. Now, on with the actual post!Today, we get clarification that the classic snarky Spider-Man is not the same Spider-Man who went to go see Big-Time. There was some worry about that, yes. Spider-Man is also being rather cocky today, something else that's rather classic. Also, acrobatic, which is whiz-bang crackerjack.

We also see that Big-Time is, in fact, wearing a watch on a chain around his neck. Big-Time is fantastic, and while I'll no doubt regret saying this as the weeks drag by, I look forward to spending this time with him.

TIL: Big-Time. He may be this year's break-out character.


jvwalt said...

Hey, Biggy -- Flavor Flav wants his clock back!

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't that work better as "Madness in his method"?

J Doe said...

If I was just reading this strip daily without any commentary, I wouldn't have noticed all the clocks.

How did the wall crawler get himself into that position in panel 5?