Friday, September 12, 2008

Mister Freeze

I originally read the last panel as "Okay, Mister Freeze!" and was going to go on a little tirade about how odd that is, since Spider-Man is not Mister Freeze. Heck, one is a Marvel character, the other is a DC Comics character and the two look nothing alike. A random cop calling Spider-Man Mister Freeze would be so absurd that it would cause minor explosions. In my head.

Then I noticed the little exclamation point after Mister, and... I went on the tirade anyway. Huh.

TIL: It's nice to see Spider-Man doing something Spider-Man-ish. Even if it is being hunted and hated by the law.


J Doe said...

It looks like Spidey is frozen. I can just imagine him getting stuck in the air or something stupid like that.

jvwalt said...

So... somebody just pulled off a crime spree while doing a convincing imitation of Spider-Man... and the actual Spidey approaches a couple of cops as though nothing has happened??? And he's surprised that they might pull their guns on him?????

Stupid, stupid super-hero.

Bryce Baker said...

As someone who misreads comics and plans comments about my wrong interpretation weekly, it's often easier to just pretend like nothing happened

Kaitlyn said...

I understand the tirade.

Sometimes you don't have anything else to say about the comic besides your initial reaction, no matter how wrong it is.

To prove he didn't do it, he should take off his mask. We need a good secret identity plot.

Bill the Splut said...

Spidey could stop and explain himself to the cops--NAH. That'd be smart. Guaranteed tomorrow he swings off, convincing them he's a crook.

Tommy said...

Now I've can hear Arnold Schwarzenegger espouse bad winter-related pun. x_x