Sunday, September 28, 2008

Panel of the Week 09/21/2008

It's time again for the panel of the week! Regrettably, Spider-Man himself made a poor showing this week. He showed up a few times whining, which is really a big let-down. Instead, we got his current antagonists. Luckily, they're somewhat more interesting than pasty white Simon Krandis or the Vulture, Blackie "The Vulture used to be competent when he was Adrian Toomes" Drago. For example, here's the Spider-Impersonator, Spider-Imposter, Spider-Thug, whatever you want to call him, really. He's confused about it, too:
(#3 - 09/25/2008)

And then there's Big-Time. Our current villain is basically a more management-oriented version of DC Comic's Clock King, perhaps with a bit of "Heroes" Sylar thrown in for no real reason at all. I say this because Sylar used to be a watchmaker or watchfixer or something like that. Unlike Clock King (who was either a victim of malpractice or bad advice depending on which version of the character you're going with) or Sylar (who wants them powers), Big-Time has a simpler motivation:
(#2 - 09/26/2008)

Big-Time was innocent of any crime, though, right? I mean, yes, we'd all be mad if someone sent us to prison but if we served our time we might even let it go and be glad to be reformed. So perhaps Big-Time is actually innocent, and is angry at being sent to prison for a crime he didn't commit?
(#1 - 09/27/2008)

I'm glad that's been cleared up. That could have been as bad as that whole debate over whether or not Spider-Man was an elephant. Thanks for setting the record straight.

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Aaron T. said...

I propose we call him "The Amazing Spider-Scam".