Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Ahoy, Spider-Buddies!

Greetings, Spider-Buddies! It's your old pal Land Captain. Mike P or Mikep or Mike Podgorski or whatever he's calling himself now said things were looking pretty dire in the Spider-Man strip, and called me in to comment on it for a week or so until things become less dire.

Hold on, by dire he meant boring, didn't he?

Well, I guess I can still do it! Let's hope I can help make these next few weeks less "dire" for all involved! Also, not to worry, Mike will still be updating Choose Your Own Blogventure (which I'm in) and his web-comic PC/MS! What, you weren't worried?

I'm going to start things off with a poll. Let's help ol' Mike figure out what he wants to be called, since the poor fellow can't get his head on straight.

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Tommy said...

Land Captain!!1!!!111