Friday, November 12, 2010


If, for some reason, you're still reading this blog more than two years after it's moved, well, I admire your dedication if anything. Anyway, there's new content on a semi-regular basis at the Meekrat Entertainment Group, which moved and all that, so go take a look, maybe.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Big Announcement

This is, barring any unforeseen circumstances, the final post at the Amazing Spider-Blog. This is because I'm moving the whole she-bang over to a new site, the Meekrat Entertainment Group. The reason for this is simple, and is probably as succinct as "I am a psychopath", but I shall elaborate regardless.

As many of you know, I don't just do this blog. I also do the reader-interaction prose site Choose Your Own Blogventure, the web-comic PC/MS, and I always have three or four more projects floating around looking for a home and the time to do them. With all this, plus work and school, I get pretty frazzled. My solution was, as you can see, to put everything on one bloody site. When you go over there, you'll see how things will work, and I've worked diligently to make sure there are as few hiccups as possible.

What I'm saying is that, though this specific blog will be ended, but its content and spirit will have gone to the new site. No, I am not stopping commenting on the strip. Yes, there will be the new ones up every day as they have been for the past two years (give or take the odd hiatus). I do appreciate all your comments, however. Thank you kindly for them.

Hope to see you over there, and here's hoping the second two years of Amazing Spider-Blogging has fewer mishaps than the first two!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The End

Maria Lopez used to date Big-Time? That's what I'm getting from this, folks, and if this is the case then I am all for it. In fact, this turn of events makes me sort of regret that this blog won't be covering it. Not even two years into it, I know, but I've got a good reason for stopping the posts on this blog, which I will go into tomorrow for the final post on the Amazing Spider-Blog, in which much sadness will no doubt ensue as you are forced to find another way to read this strip without getting doused with stupid. See you tomorrow, folks.

EDIT: Early tomorrow. Not, like, seven at night. Pretty much as soon as the date rolls over, if it can be done.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Numbered List... Not really...

First, note how Maria doesn't answer Jonah's question. Second, note how she seems to not realize that Jameson is old. Well, quite a bit older than her, at least.

TIL: The cameo from the Addams Family's Thing in panel two.

On a meta note, in two days this site will have reached its second year. Hoorah!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Panel of the Week: Unsurprising Victor

It's time once again for the panel of the week! Last week, we didn't have much, I'm sorry to say. This week, we have several contenders for the dubious honor of being the panel of the week! Will it be the Spider-Man debut of television's Paul Shaffer?

(#4 - 10/09/2008)

Perhaps the beginning of Peter Parker's descent into madness?
(#3 - 10/06/2008)

Or another installment in Peter's shifting attitude towards that whole secret identity thing?
(#2 - 10/10/2008)

No. It is none of those. Instead, it's Maria Lopez, naked in a tub again.
(#1 - 10/05/2008)

Someone here is dropping the ball on the whole panel of the week thing, and it's either me or the people who draw this strip. I'm willing to pin this on them, really.

Freaking Lobster

It's freaking lobster, Jonah. I eat pretty much nothing and at a glacial pace, but in the face of lobster I eat so quickly I nearly choke on the blasted crustacean. Now, if she continues eating at a furious pace after the lobster is done, then you may have something to worry about. Look out, she may turn out to be some sort of flesh-eating monster. Besides, she's a tigress. You're a shark. If anything, you should be eating the lobster. (I am referring to this post, where I got really over-excited about the premise of a movie featuring a battle between a tiger and a shark.)

TIL: Maria's manic expression in panel one.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Late Show with Big-Time

I really hope that Big-Time is, somehow, the guest host. He does have an errand to run, after all, and he has television's Paul Shaffer. Also, why the heck does the Jameson-Lopez thing get three panels? Other than Mary Jane, who is doing pretty much squat, theirs is the storyline I care about least. At least show us what Aunt May has been up to. I've been doing this blog for... oh geez. Two years come Thursday, and we haven't seen Aunt May once.

TIL: The fact that Maria Lopez continues to make Jameson act all silly and stuff.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Land Captain's Not Too Happy

Well, Spider-Buddies, I was all set to yak about how Mike P must have seen the error of his ways and whatnot, but then this poll had to have the highest voter turnout for any poll that's ever been on this site, and any segment of Choose Your Own Blogventure, which I won't let up on since I've seen what you people are capable of. Forty-one votes, people. Forty-one.
The lovely Mary Jane won, as you can see. Good for her. Now she can put her clothes back on.

I'm not sure what to think of you people anymore, honestly. I guess Mike P was right, though, and showing scantily clad ladies brings in the traffic. Apologies to anyone out there who doesn't like that sort of thing, but since no one complained, I guess it's all right with all of you.

This week, though, I thought we'd steer away from the gratuitous hit-bringing and ask a somewhat serious question. What do we call this fellow:Suggestions so far have been:
Spider-Impersonator (it's his current tag)
Ant-Man (though I think this fellow, this fellow, and this fellow might all be a bit up-in-arms about that)
Pseudo-Spider (my personal favorite)

I know what you people are capable of now, so I expect a pretty decent turn-out. And again, show some of that poll-taking love to Choose Your Own Blogventure, please. Until next week, Spider-Buddies.


I have nothing to say about today's strip, except that it's not very funny and Jameson should really look into those convulsions he's having in the third panel.

TIL: It looks like Jameson already drank that bottle of wine.