Monday, March 31, 2008

Marvel Way

03/30:Mary Jane keeps on changing her clothes today, it would seem. Also, the "NEXT" box fills me with hope! Soon we will be rid of Simon Krandis and his incredibly convoluted, destined-to-fail plan. The Persuader I could take or leave, honestly, and Jimmy Godero... just sort of vanished. All in all, Jameson should be happy about the fall of Krandis.

Ah, and I see the door's been fixed.

03/31:I can't tell what Mary Jane is wearing today, and Spider-Man is speaking in Yoda-like sentence fragments. Though I would supposed Yoda would say "Reach her I must!". Not to mention the fact that this is, by far, the artsiest panel we've had. It's one panel, but it's split by the door! That's the Marvel way of doing things, I suppose.

Also, it looks like the Persuader is going to push Mary Jane out of the way and electrocute himself on the door. It's a shame that they've wasted the past few days actually giving the guy some character and now he's going to get killed. Alas, that is also the Marvel way of doing things.

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