Sunday, March 09, 2008

Metpost: Crime and Punisher

While looking for random tidbits of whatnot, I found a thread on a message board which also mentioned the Spider-Man strip collection (which I shall need to get, of course, the only impediment is that it will cost me at least $30 due to its availability being limited to the United Kingdom) but also led me to a Punisher site with a complete Spider-Man arc on display. Here's the arc. It features Punisher and the Owl, and is exactly 100 strips long. I shall have to do some counting and come up with an average storyline length so I'm not so in the dark.


john said...

it's actually 98 strips -- one is repeated and there's an ink-only version (signed?) of another one.

it's even lamer when you can read the whole story at once, somehow.

Mike Podgor said...

That means that that storyline went on for 14 weeks exactly. Once again, I'm going to have to count the strips in the other complete story-lines we have here at the Amazing Spider-Blog and see what sort of numbers we turn up.