Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Incredible Growing Spider-Man

So I see Spider-Man's spider-sense decided to work. Guess this means no one's going to clobber him with a lead pipe, and there'll be no falling bricks. Oddly, the first and last panels make it look as if Spider-Man was sort of tiny, then became sort of giant. Not an insane amount, just enough to make me think, "Boy, does he look a bit taller than he should." Here's hoping we're done with this by May.


Tommy said...

Holy ****!!!

Do you all realize what Spidey is doing!?

He. Is. Going. Through. The. Front. Door.

Not a window, or skylight, or anything else dramatic. All the times I've seen someone ask if he ever uses the front door or comes inside a place like a normal person, and here he is, doing just that.

Unless I'm forgetting something somewhere, this is pretty rare for Spidey.

Anonymous said...

Christ, Spidey, get an interior monologue, will you? What kind of moron superhero stands outside the bad guy's home, yapping away to himself about how he's going to enter it?

Anonymous said...

In panel two, millions of tiny spermatozoa attempt to fertilize Spidey's head.

Mike Podgor said...

I was going to mention the front door thing, but thought the growing thing was more noteworthy.