Saturday, March 08, 2008

News of a Most Relevant Sort

So I was looking at the Internet, I was, and voting against Brian Clevinger on the Eagle Awards when I get to a section about reprint compilations. I was sort of blah about it, when I noticed The Daily Adventures of Spider-Man Volume One. A little bit of research lets me know that this is a compilation of the newspaper comic strip starting from day one. The only problem is that it appears to only be available in the United Kingdom. While I have plenty of Internet reviews saying this exists, can anyone actually confirm it?


Anonymous said...
Amazon in the UK is selling it. So you can probably get it that way

Anonymous said...

I purchased this book for about $22 on and it took almost 3 weeks since it apparently came from the UK. Since I also bought a Futurama DVD, it was free shipping! The only flaw that I noticed is that the art of the colored Sunday pages isn't as crisp as the black&white daily strips.