Thursday, March 06, 2008

Darn it, Krandis!

Simon Krandis finally notices Mary Jane's bracelet, and single-handedly draws this storyline out for another month. Will the man's evil never cease?


jvwalt said...

Maybe MJ wouldn't be in this fix if she had been smart enough to press the Spidey-Summoner in her POCKET where her ruthless kidnapper couldn't see her doing it... but then, the only thing fueling this plot' forward motion is a constant supply of stupid.

And since when does Krandis have the super-strength required to smash a wristwatch with his bare fingers?

Anonymous said...

Wait, hold on. So the Bracelet of Spider Summoning (+3) only works if you press it repeatedly while Peter homes in on the signal?

How useful is that? "Now, honey, I want you to wear this. If you're ever in any extremely protracted trouble, with both your hands free, and the guy who's captured you is incredibly unobservant, I want you to press this bracelet once every twenty seconds for about an hour and a half, and I'll eventually make it there if I don't get conked in the melon by a falling brick."

Anonymous said...

I think the bracelet needs only to be pressed once, then some time elapse for Spider-Man to home in on the signal. However, all the early pressing was nullified by Spider-Man's unconscious state. He comes to just a few seconds before Krandish smashes the bracelet. Or something.

Anonymous said...

That can't be true. Yesterday he sensed the signal in Panel 1. So either he knows where she is, or it takes multiple presses for him to figure it out, or whoever is writing this should just quit and let me take over.

Maybe if Peter goes home and watches TV, he'll catch a glimpse of Krandis/MJ/Punisher on the news. Then he'll know where they are.

Dave said...

dlauthor's description is pretty much how Jimmy Olsen's Superman signal watch worked. I'm sure I remember Jimmy's watch getting crushed before Supes got there, you know, flying at lightspeed and all, and then he couldn't find his super-buddy. Since Spider-Man obviously modeled that on Jimmy's watch, it makes sense it would work the same way. That means that Krandis is really a robot that Spider-Man built to test his wife's commitment, or a member of the legion of Super-Heroes from the future, or both.

Mike Podgor said...

I would love it if this strip started taking more cues from Silver Age Superman.

Tommy said...

The bracelet seems to be a downgrade from what 616 Mary Jane used when Kaine had her in his underground lair.

That just took one press and it was one hell of a signal. And Mary Jane took matters in her own hands after that although that only takes you so far when dealing with souped up clones of your husband.

And for more fun food for thought, there is the reverse, where Mary Jane had a means for tracking Pete.

Although, as I recall, that didn't work well. See Web of Spider-Man #79 - 80 for that story.