Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mundane Trap, Bar None

You know what would make this really awesome and fun? If when Spider-Man touched the bars, it emitted a secret signal to a small shed in the backyard which Electro burst out of. Then, he would electrocute Spider-Man. Of course, this won't happen, and instead Spider-Man will simply fall for an obvious yet somewhat effective trap. Also, it looks like Professor Unambitious is about to punch his monitor.

On a side note: the mental image of Spider-Man being electrocuted by the bars makes me want to watch "Jurassic Park".


jvwalt said...

Spider-Sense is apparently on the blink again. He gets no vibe when he's six inches away from electrified bars?

He desperately needs a superpower tune-up.

Unknown said...

Maybe the electricity is putting his spider-Sense on the fritz.

and about the tracking bracelet. He should have given her a decoy to wear. How about a Spider tracker attached to her shoe, or her earrings. She could pretend to have a scratch behind her ear and push it. Or she could tie her shoes and push it. Tying your shoes and scratching your head are perfectly normal things that people do, but tapping your bracelet isn't. Just a thought from a girl.

Tommy said...

I guess the best we can hope for is something like...

Krandis: "Impossible! That level of voltage would be enough to stop a rabid cross-eyed raccoon!"

Spider-Man: "Spider-Man--isn't--a racoon!" (Just having his latent psychic powers released by the electricity for 4 seconds) :P

Reggie White Jr. said...

I gotta say, despite Krandis being a moron and Spidey's power and intelligence being on the fritz, this is still a lot more interesting to read than BND.

BTW, when did John Romita stop drawing the strip?

Mike Podgor said...