Saturday, March 08, 2008

Out of Left Field

Whoa, whoa, hold up. Simon Krandis has been clumsily trying to court Mary Jane for the past several months, including daily viewings of her play and asking her to marry him, because he's after Spider-Man? I mean, yes, there have been attempts made on Spider-Man's life by Krandis's associates (including the missing Jimmy Godero) but Krandis has never shown any animosity towards Spider-Man, save as a romantic rival. Unless Krandis is after Spider-Man to have Mary Jane for himself, I'm going to just assume that Stan Lee is reading this and is trying to throw me off. Which would be pretty neat, but still.

On a more ironic note, Krandis just destroyed a device which would have brought Spider-Man right to him.

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Tommy said...

Mary Jane can't distract?!

No, no, I'm not saying I can't believe she didn't distract Krandis. Rather, this guy just told one of the hottest women in the M.U. she can't distract someone.

As for the bracelet crushing thing, I hope it's not like Kingpin snapping off Spider-Man's webbing in the 90's cartoon.

I mean, I loved it and all, but just saying.