Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Posts: Now With Three Distinct Tangents!

Spider-Man's amnesia adventure is a bust. This is bad because I was looking forward to wackiness and whatnot, but it's good because it would have padded out the storyline a bit and with today's installment, we inch that much closer to a conclusion. You can tell because not only is Mary Jane in trouble, but she's with the two main antagonists of this arc. The only missing aspect is Jimmy Godero, and maybe that henchman the Persuader was using to bomb Daily Bugle trucks. If that Godero thing doesn't get resolved, by the way, I am going to quite peeved.

I would also like to point out that, in the past, everything has proven able to stop Spider-Man. We can only pray that a chilling wind doesn't start up, forcing him to retreat lest he catch his death... oh my god. I just realized something. For the longest time, Aunt May would fuss over Peter telling him to wear a sweater and carry an umbrella and not do anything too dangerous. The reader would know that her nephew was actually Spider-Man, and therefore able to deal with those things. Well, let's say that Aunt May was right and Peter couldn't handle those things. This is the sort of Spider-Man that would result from that. Everything about this strip is so much clearer now.

This is probably going to be how things turn out:
1) The Persuader stops the car somewhere isolated, all the better for a Climatic Finale.
2) The Persuader will stand idly by, wringing his hands while Simon Krandis ham-fistedly tries to obtain Mary Jane.
3) Simon will get fed up and act a little bit too forward towards Mary Jane, and at this point Spider-Man will come in.
4) Spider-Man will fight the Persuader, who will no doubt choose to defend Mary Jane instead, and punch out Krandis.
5) The villains will go to jail, Jameson will be happy, and... there'll be like, fifteen plot threads left hanging.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike. On a brighter note Dragon (AKA. Guy Derritt) whos makeing the 4 , 2hours long, cg spiderman fanfilms, posted on the thread and said new pics were coming later in the week and that the full trailer is comeing in 2 weeks. P.S. thanks Mike. P.S.S. did the braclet activate his spider-sense or somthing?

Anonymous said...

Oh I get it mow.

Anonymous said...

I meant now, sorry.

Mike Podgor said...

Please don't use the comments to promote the movie, PBD. Use the message board or something.

Anonymous said...

Once again, if the dialogue were taken away or changed this would be a passable action comic.