Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Career Paths

Simon Krandis is insane if that's the best way he could think of to kill Spider-Man. All I can say is that the evil costumed super-geniuses lost a great one when he decided to become a thuggish businessman. Case in point: He has a thuggish henchman with a codename. Give each of these guys a gaudy costume and, in Krandis's case, a codename and you'd have a pretty decent evil super-team. Also, it has never been more obvious that the Persuader openly loathes Simon Krandis and will kill him for Mary Jane.


jvwalt said...

MJ seems remarkably calm on hearing the news of Spidey's possible death in a car-bombing. She looks started in panel 1, but cool and collected in panel 2. Doesn't ask for any details, doesn't react with shock and concern. Not even a thought balloon saying "Oh, Peter, what's become of you?"

Then again, if she's been reading along with the rest of us, she knows that Spidey is constantly getting whacked by pipes and bombs and falling bricks, and the worst that happens is a brief blackout. He's kinda the Shemp Howard of superheroes.

jvwalt said...

Er... that should be "startled," not "started." Sorry.