Saturday, March 29, 2008

Love and Death-traps

03/26:The Krandis Mansion has remarkably thin walls if Spider-Man can hear his wife's screams from a hidden subterranean cave.

03/27:The mansion does have one death-trap, it would seem, and only one. Well, two if you count the booby-trapped windows, but those are really outside the mansion.

03/28:The Persuader takes a surprising turn by wanting the woman he loves to be happy, no matter the cost. I was half-expecting the Persuader to attempt to take down Spider-Man himself in order to win Mary Jane, but only after taking out Simon Krandis. Also, how is Spider-Man going to fit through that tiny door?

03/29:Ah, it was just faulty perspective. As for the death-trap itself, the machine that activates it looks like something from an old science fiction movie. Also, if I'm correct in assuming that the door Spider-Man is headed towards is the same Mary Jane is headed towards, it brings up several questions. Namely:
1) Why is the doorknob on the left side of both sides of the door?
2) It looks like wood, and I'm pretty sure wood can't conduct electricity.
3) Isn't it sort of foolish to have a door leading from your stately mansion into your subterranean cave? I mean, if the door was hidden behind a grandfather clock that'd be one thing. Just out in the open like that, though? That's asking for trouble. Don't even say that it's fine because it's booby-trapped, because then Simon Krandis would be sending the Persuader out with dead servants all the time since they touched the door. Perhaps that's what happened with Jimmy Godero.


Unknown said...

Isn't the doorknob always on your left in America?
It just makes sense to be consistent. This is
reminiscent of American doors always being possible
to kick in, whereas European doors, always opening outwards, will break your foot if you try this stunt.

Unknown said...

the thing is, it is on the left side of the door on both sided of the door, if you are facing one side of the door then the handle is on your, lets say left, then you go to the other side of the door and it is on the right.