Sunday, March 02, 2008

Spider-Man's Amnesia Adventure Prologue

Today is mainly recap, but that last panel is a doozy. Spider-Man's mask is at least scuffed a little, and the "NEXT" box proudly proclaims that he may be out of memory. This is always good for a bit of a laugh, and maybe Jimmy Godero will show up and turn the memory-free web-slinger against Simon Krandis (which is something Spider-Man was already attempting, but let's ignore that for now) as revenge for Krandis's dirty deeds.

My highest hope for Spider-Man's amnesia adventure is that Jimmy Godero will convince Spider-Man to don a pinstripe suit OVER his costume in order to join Krandis's operation. This would be fantastic. What will probably happen, though, is a week or so of Spider-Man walking around moaning about how he can't remember. Someone had better take advantage of Spider-Man's innocence during this thing, or I will be severely disappointed.

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Anonymous said...

I'll say it again: newspaper Spider-Man needs to start wearing a helmet. A standard construction hard hat would've protected him from last year's falling brick, Godero's metal pipe, this car bomb, and probably dozens of other debilitating blows.