Friday, March 21, 2008

The Predictable Spider-Man

Preliminary reports stating that Spider-Man was going into the front door have proven to be false. However, considering how his enemy knows that Spider-Man is tracking him and the wall-crawler's usual modus operandi is to enter through windows on the top floor, it may have been safer for Spider-Man to enter through the front door. Also, I would like to point out that the captive Mary Jane is not bound at all, and she appears generally unguarded. Surely she could take out Professor Unambitious? Heck, even if the Persuader is guarding her, I doubt she'd have to do much to make him turn traitor. The guy is already planning to do so already, for god's sake. Also: I just noticed the bars on the windows of the mansion. Classy.


Anonymous said...

Finally, a chance for Krandis to use the computer in the cave for something other than pornography.

Anonymous said...

But where's the camera, exactly? In the rosebushes out front?

jvwalt said...

If Krandis has been keeping up with this strip, his foolproof trap will consist of a loose brick dangling on the window ledge. Spidey's a sucker for heavy objects konking him on the head. It's his Kryptonite.

Tommy said...


I really thought he'd go in the front door and we'd see some crazy booby traps!

Well, I suppose I may still get to see the indoor booby traps once we finally see the outdoor ones dealt with.