Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mary Jane: Trump Card

The first two panels are just exposition and plot clarification. Panel three proves Krandis was somehow behind the exploding car, and tells us that Mary Jane will be his trump card. The most mundane, and therefore most likely, explanation is that Krandis will use hostage MJ as a bargaining tool to get Spider-Man to back off. This will fail when the Persuader steps in, as he has the hots for MJ as well and, presumably, won't suddenly claim to be using her to get to Spider-Man. The second option is that Krandis will use some heretofore unseen scientific connections to turn Mary Jane into a battle-ready cyborg or, perhaps, simply a genetically altered killing machine. Oh, or maybe some sort of hypnotism or magic will unlock Mary Jane's dark side. Any of those options would be great fun and, therefore, will not happen.


Anonymous said...

Oddly enough, Krandis has a simple flaw in his plan. You aren't allowed to run for a political office if you have some sort of position at or in a form of media. Just throwing that out there. Evan Almighty made the same mistake. XD

Tommy said...

Mary Jane Trump Card...So, that's like those Trap Cards in Yu-gi-oh, right?

Oy, now I just had a funny mental image. Phear.