Saturday, April 07, 2007

Oh my God! WEASEL!

Weasel is dead. Kurt Kordok hurled a man into a wall with sufficent force to kill him. Either that, or Kordok hopes Weasel will drown once Lug and Angel dump him in the nearest river. While, Spider-Man is still not knowing how his spider-sense works. For a second, I thought they made a mistake on his mask. It's a weird position, in any case. Also, when did Kurt Kordok made the tape which no doubt alerts Spider-Man to his location? Either he had the tape ready and chose to multi-task, or he made the tape while Weasel's body rotted on the floor. In any case, it's probably not very good quality. Also, for a man who mere months ago valued his secrecy to the point where his hired goons were afraid to mention his name, he sure is quick to get his tape out there. In any case, all of this is awfully close to something the Kingpin would do.

Coming Soon: Watch as Kurt Kordok isn't the Kingpin at all and I look bloody foolish!

Thing I Liked:
-The name of Kordok's nattily-dressed thugs, Lug and Angel.


cappadocius said...

Isn't the nearest river to Los Angeles about a three hour drive away? That's a long way to go with Weasel stinking up the back seat.

Mike Podgor said...

They could really just throw him in the bay. Kurt Kordok is a traditionalist, however, and a bay just won't do.