Saturday, April 14, 2007

Breaking News!

I sincerely doubt they would stop all programming just to let people know Jameson has found out who has Dara Dorset. If it was a child, maybe, but she's supposedly the wife of Spider-Man. However, maybe the city of Los Angeles has been on edge since Dara Dorset's disappearance (earlier that afternoon) and this will allow everyone to get back to their daily lives. Or, more likely, the station Jonah broadcasts from is only airing "Perfect Strangers" reruns or something.

Also, what exactly is Spider-Man watching in panel three? It's obviously some sort of television set. However, it looks more like a magic image cube that shows an image on each of its six sides. In any case, why is the alleged television set set-up with its screen facing the window? Unless that's the apartment of some sort of crazy avant-guard artist, it would facing into the room. Another possible solution is that the apartment belongs to an attractive woman who was aware that she was being watched, and put the television set there to confuse the voyeurs.

Thing I Liked:
-The continued use of only Kurt Kordok's surname. It brings a small amount of hope to my dwindling belief that he's actually the Kingpin.

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