Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Spider-Man using a door? That's crazy. Though I suppose that when there's no window available to climb out of, you have to make do. This scene is oddly reminiscent of Batman, actually. Think about it: an older man is giving a superhero information which will be beneficial. While older man is distracted, superhero vanishes. Also, I like how Jameson is using a nickname for Spider-Man that is not superficially derogatory. Could ol' Jonah be softening up?

Thing I Liked:
-I liked how it reminded me of Batman. Also, the thing I said above. The nickname thing.

Ah, also: Diesel Sweeties mentioned our pal Spider-Man today:
You know, I didn't notice how weird the tails for the word balloons are in this comic until right now. Now I'll never stop noticing. In the future, if Spider-Man is mentioned in a comic strip I'll put it up here. It'll be an interesting diversion, if nothing else.


Andy said...

Ok, seriously, if the supervillain reveals where he's going to be at a precise time on national tv, couldn't they just send some law enforcement and the national guard and just do things legit, instead of doing exactly what he wants? Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else noticed that JJJ has been wearing the same suit and tie in the weekday strips for the entire calendar year of 2007? Impressive, considering how much more effort it takes the artist to draw all those diagonal stripes when he could've just made it plain old black. Looking back, it seems on January 29 he had a black jacket on (though I'm chalking that up to the poor quality of the television), and for some reason he was tieless during the Doc Ock fight waaaaaay back around New Year's. Remember the optimism we all had back then for the strip's action to kick it up a notch? It'll get better when Kordok removes his wig and phony mustache to reveal himself as the Kingpin. Or maybe to throw us a curveball it'll be Venom to tie in with the upcoming movie.