Monday, April 16, 2007

Story Recap GO!

I'll follow today's strip lead and recap the story so far:

It all started about four months ago. After defeating Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man found out that his wife, Mary Jane, was heading out to the desert for a week to shoot her Marvella movie. While she told Peter Parker (the alias of the amazing Spider-Man) he could accompany her, he threw a hissy-fit and proceeded to whine after she left about how much she would miss him. Then Spider-Man beat the living daylights out of some thugs robbing a jewelery store. These thugs were under the employ of the mysterious Kurt Kordok, who was angry that they were stopped by Spider-Man. He expressed this by tossing his henchman, Weasel, into a wall.

Meanwhile, Jonah Jameson started an anti-Spider-Man news program to combat Maria Lopez's pro-Spider-Man program. However, Spider-Man was still on the prowl and took out a car of thugs. At this point, we were introduced to the sensational character find of FOREVER, the Land Captain. Maria Lopez did not care about Land Captain's involvement and asked Spider-Man for an interview. Spidey accepted the offer and later that night he... uh... went to the interview. The consequence of this was Kurt Kordok's new-found resolve to get the web-slinger before the web-slinger got him.

Kordok (who may or may not be the Kingpin, and this is looking pretty doubtful right now) was given the means to do this when a woman named Dara Dorset went on Jonah Jameson's show claiming to be Spider-Man's wife. Needless to say, after going on Jameson's show several times claiming to be Spider-Man's wife, Dorset was kidnapped by Weasel. Elsewhere, Spider-Man was hit in the head by a falling brick and was out of commission for several hours. Anyway, Dorset was now being truthful about her relationship to Spider-Man (re: none) and is currently being held for ransom by Kurt Kordok. The ransom, as you can see above, is Spider-Man.

We have no idea what Mary Jane thinks of all this, as I think they forgot about her. Ditto for Maria Lopez, who showed up once to gape at Jonah's find and has vanished.

As for today's comic, well, it's a recap of yesterday's for those who don't get the Sunday installment.

Thing I Liked:
-Jonah's thought bubble in the first panel. Pure gold, that.


Jess said...

I would revise your update to report "hit in the head by a brick" rather than "with a brick" - someone might get the mistaken impression that Spider-Man was attacked by an actual assailant wielding a brick, rather than by the renegade brick itself.

Mike Podgor said...