Friday, April 13, 2007

Fun for Friday!

Since I was unable to get to my computer until about 11:30PM, I'm doing two days' worth of comics today! I try to make it sound like you're getting some sort of deal, but seeing as this blog is free to read and I'm one behind quota (more if you count that week I took off back in December) you're actually not getting a deal at all. Anyway, on with the show!
Jameson is quite sure Dorset was killed, which is odd. Yes, he saw her get thrown into a limousine by evil Jimmy Olsen, but that doesn't mean she was killed. Abducted, yes, but not murdered. I do like the calligraphy on the video tape's label. I wonder if it was done professionally? It's also oddly specific, as I'm sure most crime bosses like the people who recieve their videos to be surprised at the contents.

Things I Liked:
I am doing two for this strip, because it was a tie!
-The video tape's label
-Jameson's excitement about the video tape.

The narration box in the first panel is rather flawed, considering how the tape was obviously thrown behind Jameson into a window. I'm sure professional thugs could have hit a middle-aged man with a video tape. I wonder how the advent of recordable DVDs is going to affect things like this. I imagine some thug throwing a DVD at someone, and then they get a nasty gash on their arm because the disc was thrown with such force and accuracy. In any case, the video goes on to make the claim that Dara Dorset (bound but otherwise unharmed) is his captive. Yet it is entirely possible that, after the scene was shot, Kordok snapped Dorset's neck and dumped her in the river. Unlikely, yes, but possible.

Thing I Liked:
-Kordok's use of only his last name to introduce himself.


Anonymous said...

I'm highly suspicious of a VHS cassette's ability to smash through a plate glass window like that. They're just too light and flimsy. Unless Kordok uses special videotapes made out of depleted uranium or something.

Mike Podgor said...

The VHS tape was bitten by a radioactive brick, granting it the proportionate strength and durability of a brick.