Monday, April 23, 2007

Three, Three, Three Posts in One!

A better story would be that both Jonah Jameson and Weasel belong to an IRC group dedicated to flat-top hair cuts, and the following conversation occurred:
weasel528: i am in a bad mood my boss tried 2 kill me earlier
jjjnewshound: who is your boss
weasel528: jerk named kurt kordok
jjjnewshound: omg i just got a tape from him
jjjnewshound: did you know he is going to be at the memorial stadium 2nite 2 get spiderman
weasel528: now i do
weasel528: g2g k thnx for info
Then Weasel logged off at the public library and high-tailed it to the Stadium. Also, note that Weasel is more resilient than previously thought as he managed to escape his watery tomb with one bad arm. Compare that to Spider-Man who was defeated by a falling brick.

Thing I Liked:
-The fact that Weasel sounds vaguely like a character from "For Better or Worse"

I know we've seen Weasel in his Sunday best before, but today it really struck me how different Weasel's Sunday and weekday colorings are. What really gets me is that on weekdays, his jacket has a sort of a single-colored checkerboard pattern (which probably has some sort of name) that his Sunday best totally lacks. This means that the coloring drones take the time each day to draw all those lines on him. Also, Weasel looks a bit more sinister in the Sunday strips. Which is fine, because I'd rather have the Jimmy Olsen-esque Weasel any day. I also hope that "Next" box does not hint at Weasel's fate.

Thing I Liked:
-The fact that Weasel looks a bit like Adam Sandler (to me, at least)

04/23/2007:Weasel forgot to mention that she jumped out of the car and Kordok was angry that she could have been seriously injured or worse, and therefore not suitable bait for Spider-Man at all. However, Spider-Man is proving especially slow on the uptake right now. Kordok tried to kill Weasel, and our pal wants some revenge pie. IT IS BEST SERVED CHILLED. Not cold, because who seriously wants cold pie? In any case, let's hope Kordok left Dorset at his house, otherwise things could become quite ugly quite quickly.

Thing I Liked:
-Imagining that in the third panel Weasel is pointing directly at Kordok's house.

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