Monday, April 30, 2007

Kurt Kordok: Mastermind?

Kurt Kordok is obviously not the criminal mastermind he thinks he is, considering how he just alerted the superhero to his presence. A criminal mastermind would have his thugs shoot Spider-Man many times, then come out and gloat at the bullet-ridden body. Then again, there is that classic villain tendency to gloat to a still-living and able-bodied antagonist, so it's not that out there. I am still wondering which desert Mary Jane is in, however.

Also, Spider-Man turned around suddenly yesterday when Kordok came in. Did he turn back so he could peer over his shoulder today?

Thing I Liked:

-Mary Jane's pajamas. They look like a hospital gown.


Anonymous said...

Hope I'm not the only one keep'n ya posting these strips...I stop by here daily for my dose of spidey...thanks for the effort...and the funny comments.

Keep On Thwipin'!!!

Andy said...

I'm also still reading this spot on the internets, although last week I was on vacation and without any access.

I'm a little bit disappointed that the two days of Dara Dorset falling out of the car, the 4 days of Weasel getting backhanded, and the week long build-up when Spider-Man meets Weasel culminated in... nothing.