Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Weasel Rises Again!

Well, it turns out Weasel isn't dead. Now he's free to betray his boss and lead Spider-Man to Kordok's inner sanctum after Jonah plays the tape he's sent. However, I must point out: Lug and Angel didn't try to kill Weasel. Kordok did, and simply told the thugs to dump the body in the river. Coincidentally, I'm pleased as punch that Weasel isn't dead. Hopefully the Jimmy Olsen doppelganger will be in the strip for months to come.

Also, I just realized that a "Deadpool" supporting character is named Weasel as well. However, that one is a bit more intelligent and is a sort of weapons and information broker. He also looks nothing like Jimmy Olsen.

Thing I Liked:
-Weasel being not dead. Also, Lug having more sense than Angel.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

The guys name is Weasel. What do you expect?

And now you have to take back the comments about the girl jumping out of the car earlier having no effect on the story back.