Thursday, April 26, 2007


I totally forgot to post yesterday. I am very sorry about this. Here's two posts in one, then:
Well, it looks like the Spider-Man/Weasel team-up is just a pipe dream. Also, I realize Spider-Man is just being cautious (all he really knows about Weasel is that he's tied to Kurt Kordok) but the man's arm is probably broken. Webbing him up like that is going to cause him no end of pain. That's just not cool, Spider-Man.

Thing I Liked:
-Weasel's sheepish plea in panel two.

Spider-Man is still being quite cautious, or perhaps a glory hound. "No one tries to help me and gets away with it!" he thinks. He's actually being quite nonchalant about this whole thing. Yes, he's saying that lives are at stake, but he took the time to listen to a random guy and web the same guy onto a lamp post. This obviously can't be that important for him.

Thing I Liked:
-Spider-Man's line in panel one. The matter-of-factness of it brings me no end of mirth.

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