Friday, April 06, 2007

Kurt Kordok Dislikes Mistakes

Just in time for the weekend we shift into high-gear with some good ol' fashioned action. Kurt Kordok is not a good listener, as Dara Dorset has told him several times already that she has no clue who Spider-Man really is. The man is stubborn as a mule, and strong as an ox! I hope poor Weasel comes out of this okay, though. Maybe roughed up a bit, but there's no need to kill the poor fellow. Also, what will Kordok do when he learns that he, himself, made a mistake? Perhaps throw himself into the wall or something. By that time, Spider-Man SHOULD be here barring any more falling bricks.

Thing I Liked:

-Weasel's violent shaking in the first panel. Dude is worried.


Anonymous said...

The crummy use of motion lines makes it look like Kurt is psychokinetic, which would be really cool! Of course, given the strip's record for disappointment, there's no way.

Ken Begg said...

Hmm, that slap was very Kingpin-ish.

Luke said...

Weasel is a good-lookin' fella. The face! The hair! HAWT.