Friday, April 20, 2007

Spider-Man's Pal, Weasel Olsen

Well, this comic strip just redeemed the heck out of itself. Everything in the storyline so far has been leading up to this moment, and the pay-off is sweet indeed. If Spider-Man had not been hit by a falling brick, Weasel would not have been able to take him by surprise leading to Spider-Man's priceless line in the second panel. Dara Dorset existed only to get Weasel angry enough to rebel against Kurt Kordok. Indeed, this is one of the best team-ups ever and I hope it never dissolves.

Thing I Liked:
-I liked the whole blasted thing!


Jess said...

Today's strip reveals a new spider-power - the ability to summon green fields and farmhouses to downtown Los Angeles.

jvwalt said...

Yeah, baby! All we need now is a skintight costume with a big "W" on the chest, or maybe a weasel face, and a new sidekick is born! "Spider-Man and Weasel-Boy!" While Spidey soars through the imaginary skyscrapers of Los Angeles, Weasely skulks amongst the bums and dumpsters of the big city's alleys. Together, they bring the mighty hand of justice to bear on the heads of apparently menacing but ultimately disappointing super-villains!