Thursday, April 19, 2007

Worried for No Reason

Kurt Kordok, powerful as he may be, seems to just be a normal guy with above-average strength. You, Spider-Man, have the proportionate strength of a spider which usually rounds out to being able to lift 10 tons and jump about fifty feet straight up. Not only that, but you have super-agility which will allow you to not get hit. Sure, he'll bring some thugs but a quick punch to the chin will take care of them. You have nothing to worry about, Spider-Man. Besides, you should be happy it's in an open area instead of a warehouse. It'll give you more room to maneuver. Ah, and you claim there's no high place to swing from but that entrance looks pretty tall.

I also like how this strip is basically promising us an exciting, action-packed brawl, and it will not deliver. Chances are we'll spend most of our time with Dara Dorset gaping in awe at the two combatants.

Thing I Liked:
-Spider-Man's use of the word "fritz".

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