Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sham of a Marriage

Dara Dorset's pretend marriage to Spider-Man is not based on trust. Instead, it is probably based on the fact... well, that's just it. It's a lie, a sham, and other things synonymous with "false". I do feel rather sorry for Miss Dorset, mainly because it looks like we're going to spend a week watching a starlet get roughed up by a crime boss, and that's going to be painful to watch. Now, if Dara Dorset seemed like the type to fight back or something it'd be a bit more interesting and less painful, but I doubt that will happen. I am still holding out hope that Kurt Kordok is the Kingpin in disguise. This is probably not the case, however, considering how he's acting uncharacteristically cruel and spiteful in today's strip.

Today's Thing I Liked:
-That bowl of flowers in the second panel. I don't know why, but it caught my eye and kept it for the duration of the strip.

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J.V. Walt said...

In real life, Kordok would already have gotten out the thumbscrews, or started yanking toenails with a pair of pliers, or called in his muscle to bruise up that pretty, pretty face. Not that I want to see any of that; but I fully expect a couple weeks of Dara insisting her ignorance and Kordok yelling threats without actually delivering. And that, folks, is exactly what's wrong with this strip: way, way too much talking, and a complete disconnect with the real world AND the established memes of the superhero genre. And always, always in the most tedious way possible.