Friday, May 16, 2008

A Happy Day

What? Can it be? We're actually being spared Spider-Man going out sick and attempting to return home before Mary Jane? A happy day indeed! She's the true heroine of this strip.


what said...

This has got to be the lamest and most pathetic version of Spider-Man in existence.

jvwalt said...

So now I suppose we're in for another week of "I've got to go fight the Vulture!" "No, you're sick! You've got to stay home!"

Riveting, I tell ya.

I must also register a formal protest over the half-face/half-mask routine. It was odd and creaky back in the 60s when Stan Lee first invented it. It's odd, creaky and unnecessary today. I mean, Peter hasn't worn the Spidey-Suit in what, three weeks or so? If any reader needs a reminder of his secret identity, it should have been provided long before now.

Unknown said...

I was going to say "But then we're subjected to another week of Peter sitting at home whining" but the people above me beat me to it. I WANTED him to go out and try to fight the vulture with the flu and fail miserably, because at least that's interesting.

Tommy said...

Mary Jane's spider-sense went off, so she rushed home.

What would be kinda cool, is if we had another hero guest-appear to take on the Vulture while Spidey's not feeling well.

Of course, they don't take the Vulture down by themselves, cause it's Spidey's strip, but at least it'll balance things out till he eventually goes out and sneezes in his mask.

If Spidey fought Venom once when he had a cold, Vulture, especially "this" Vulture, is child's play.

Oh wait, Spidey is pretty nerfed in this strip. Nevermind.

Mike Podgor said...

Who would win in a fight: this Spider-Man, or Jessica Fletcher from "Murder, She Wrote"?

J Doe said...
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J Doe said...

Jessica could just throw one of her books at him and he would be out cold, flu or not.