Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Vulture is a Putz

The Vulture is so nonthreatening that some normal guy is willing to tackle and taunt him. This makes him at best a B-level villain, but the fact that the Vulture dropped him only about twenty feet (still painful, but probably not fatal) drops him down to a C. He has low goals, no threat level, and an unwillingness to commit any crime greater than theft. No longer he was in a normal guy prison, this Vulture is pretty much a complete putz.

As for Peter Parker, well, with a putz like Drago running around, he can pretty much take as much time to recuperate at he likes.


jvwalt said...

Yeah, this ain't exactly an epic crime wave or city-threatening crisis such as to require the immediate attention of a superhero. A cop with a gun oughta do.

On the plus side, Petey actually looks SICK for the first time. Somebody finally told the makeup artist to come in and tousle his hair real good.

Anonymous said...

The Vulture just keeps psyching us...first, he has Lefty, who we thought was going to matter. But he just dropped him from 20 feet. Next, comes this guard guy, who seemed like he might make a difference to the plot. Vulture just drops him from 20 feet. When Pete tries to take on Vulture, he'll punch him on one day, and the next day, he'll be getting dropped from 20 feet.