Monday, May 19, 2008

Not a Flop (Yet)

Just the dreaded Monday recap. I would like to point out that Marvella hasn't yet flopped. It could still do a fair bit of business on the DVD market. After all, isn't something a flop only if it's failed to make money despite being released?


Unknown said...

Do people honestly care about the past performances of people on a stage anyway? I mean, when I see a play I don't say, "Well she's doing a great job, but she was in a terrible B movie so I'm going to boo her and make her feel terrible." The feedback she is getting reflects one thing - her performance. I go to operas and plays all the time and I don't care and usually don't know the past careers of any of the actors or actresses.

Sounds like MJ is in denial here. No matter how bad she did in some stupid movie, the stage is a completely different ballpark. If people are criticizing her work, it's because she SUCKS, not because she was in some stupid movie.

Tommy said...

True that.

The logic displayed by MJ there only is applicable due to how the Marvel Universe people are, meaning they'll cheer you one day, and then the next, they'll be kicking you when you're down. It depends on the writer in the end.

The weird thing is that I don't recall Mary Jane ever being a bad actress. Maybe she never hit it big, but she finds a way to channel things from her life experiences into her acting, intentional or not. Check out the backstory in one of the Spider Slayer issues from Amazing Spidey, circa 1992 I think, back when Pete's parents were thought to be back.

God, I'm being nerdy about nothing, ain't I? :P

It's a living. (with no pay, heh)

jvwalt said...

Not that the newspaper "Spider-Man" has anything to do with real life -- or even the rest of the Spideyverse -- but...

1. Every actor in the world has appeared in at least one crappy movie at the beginning of his/her career. It isn't an everlasting mark of failure; nobody's going to brand "DVD" on MJ's forehead.

2. Quite often, getting your first part in a major Hollywood movie is a black mark on your career. You get typecast, or you're not ready for the big time, or you can't handle the fame. MJ may actually be better off with a direct-to-DVD release instead of a huge opening in 3,000 theaters. She's certainly no worse off.

Sigh. Expecting reality from this strip. Where did I go wrong?

Paul Arrand Rodgers said...

If the movie is going to be in limited release, there's no way for it to be a flop - it never had a chance.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, definitely agree with other posters: how the heck does Marvella's success affect how the audience likes her? She's clearly just blaming it on that to avoid the now-obvious fact that she can't act. Maybe she's hoping that if she complains about the thing enough, Petey will don the Spider suit and go mess up the executives, rather than the Vulture. Unless Drago IS one of the people sending her movie to DVD.

Reggie White Jr. said...

Freak! How many freaking times are we gonna be freaking reminded of MJ's freaking career flopping before it even freaking started! Blast it, MJ, grow a freaking set! FREAK!