Monday, May 12, 2008

Not Dick Tracy

We know he's not Dick Tracy, since he's not dressed in yellow and his body has rounded edges. Also, is this the first we've seen of the Vulture's need for revenge against Spider-Man? I think it is, but the Vulture seems to be forgetting one thing: Spider-Man can swing from a web. Therefore, unless the Vulture puts some serious hurt on Spider-Man (or just hits him in the head with a lead pipe or falling brick, really), then Spider-Man will most likely not hit the street.

Then again, Spider-Man could run out of webbing or do the idiotic thing and go out while suffering from the flu. Which is also a possibility.


Tommy said...

Blackie, if he used his head, would figure that he could take Spidey really high and then drop him, so that webbing a building means wrenching your arm out (unless you go with the momentum in an arc and keep doing stuff to reduce you acceleration).

Of course, I figure we might get to see the web-parachute if that happens.

Anonymous said...

All Dick Tracy would have to do is turn on his TV watch and make Volture watch the Spectacular Spider-Man cartoon. He'd start singing the theme song until he got caught lol!